Billey Season Pass Fund

In loving memory of Curtis BIlley, MMC-Shames Mountain has decided to create a special Savings fund. The interest accrued from this fund will be used to sponsor one Youth Season Pass every year.
Curtis loved skiing and Shames Mountain. He was a founding Board Member of My Recreational Mountain Cooperative, and was essential to assuring the ski hills survival and Financial stability.
It is our hope that with this initiative, Curtis's passion for skiing and for MMC-Shames Mountain will be not only remembered, but also passed on to future generations.

Shames Manager wins award

We are so very proud to report that at this year's Canada West Ski Areas Association conference, hosted this week, our dedicated general manager Christian Theberge received the prestigious Lars Fossberg Excellence Award.
This is an award that is presented annually to the manager or supervisor who shows a high degree of initiative and creativity together with the ability to improvise when dealing with the unexpected.

We are so proud of you Christian! Thanks for all that you do. (And thanks to Robin Cecion for nominating Christian.)

Slush Cup this Sunday!

Don't miss Shames' famous slush cup. Join in the fun and see if you can make it across the icy pond. And don't forget your costume. This Sunday, April 8, at 3pm. BBQ and beer garden from 12pm to 5pm too, to celebrate the last day of the season.

Cardboard Box Race today!

3pm today. Max 2 riders per cardboard box. Use tape, cardboard and your imagination. No wood, metal or glass. It's on!

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