Snowcat fund

Ways to make a donation to the snowcat fund:

1) Sign yourself up as a vendor from the comfort of your home to make a monthly installment of $5 a month or more to help pay off the cost of purchasing a quality machine;

2) Make a donation and/or monthly payment via your online bill payment system. This option is available to all Credit Union Members, BMO and HSBC customers. Other banks can do this, but they charge MMC a fee.

In order for anyone to make donations via their online bill payment system they are required to contact My Mountain Co-op downtown office at 250-635- 3773 and request an account # to be assigned to them.
Once they have their account # and they have online access to their account with one of the 3 Financial Institutions listed above, then they can then go online and add the assigned account # as a bill payment to their online banking. They will choose the bill payee name “MMC- Capital Expense Snow Cat”.

3) If you would rather make a one time donation please contact

4) Or you can donate online to our GO FUND ME page, located here:

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