Snowcat fund

Ways to make a donation to the snowcat fund:

1) Sign yourself up as a vendor from the comfort of your home to make a monthly installment of $5 a month or more to help pay off the cost of purchasing a quality machine;

2) Make a donation and/or monthly payment via your online bill payment system. This option is available to all Credit Union Members, BMO and HSBC customers. Other banks can do this, but they charge MMC a fee.

Want to see what it takes to run a ski hill?

On February 3rd we launched a pilot project to involve our members and keen community folk to help hill staff. On busy days particularly, staff run into unforeseen pressures and can run themselves down. In such moments, even a bit of outside support can be greatly appreciated.

Inside the lodge as you come in, there is a board near the stairs which outlines where your help might be needed. If you can help, go to the ticket office to sign a waiver and receive further details. At the end you will also log your volunteer hours.

Tasks may involve:

CityWest Launches "Double your Donation" Campaign for MMC-Shames Mountain

CityWest wants to help Shames Mountain buy a new snowcat, and it’s asking its customers for a bit of help.

From now until March 31, CityWest will match any donation its customers make to Shames Mountain, up to $5,000. The donation will help My Mountain Co-op, the non-profit organization that runs the skill hill, raise money for a new snowcat.

Ecole Mountainview Fundraising for the SnowCat

"The Grade 5 & 6 Class of Ecole Mountainview is fundraising every month of the 2016/2017 school year. The proceeds of each fundraiser will go to a local organization that does wonderful things for our community."...states the letter that was given to MMC-Shames Mountain. It goes on to say..."This month the students would like to donate their funds to the purchase of a new Snowcat. Thank you for everything that you do! Please accept this donation and know that we are thinking of you!"
Signed by Mme. Fortin-Koga's Gr. 5 & 6 class.

GO FUND ME Snowcat Fundraiser

Shames needs a new snowcat! A new snowcat costs around $300,000. Please help support this fundraiser by donating on our GO FUND ME page, located here: Or you can donate via Paypal by visiting our snowcat fundraiser page here: Thanks for your support!