New Snowcat

This year My Mountain Co-op is looking into our future and planning for winters to come. A snowcat or snow machine is an integral part of any mountain operation. Whether the primary job of the machine is to groom runs, build roads, clear lift lines or build parks, the better the machine, the easier and safer the job is for the operator, the better the results are and there fewer the repairs that need to be done---which means less down days. This all translates into better skiing! 

In the past, we have only ever been able to purchase older machines. With the strength of membership, we are trying a new approach. This year you will be able to sign yourself up as a vendor from the comfort of your home to make a monthly installment of $5 a month or more to help pay off the cost of purchasing a quality machine. More details will become available once our plan is secured.

A quality machine costs in the neighborhood of $300,000. Our plan is to fundraise this amount in two years....which is when we think we will need the new machine by! If you would rather make a one time donation please contact

You can also make a secure online donation of any amount using the button below:

Or you can donate online to our GO FUND ME page, located here:

Thanks for your support!!