Board of Directors

The primary role of a Director is to oversee and direct the affairs of the organization. While being true to our mission statement and vision, the MMC Board of Directors ensures that the co-operative and Shames Mountain incorporate MMC's four cornerstones into every facet of their organizations.

The cornerstones of the board are: Collaboration, Affordability, Sustainability and Innovation.


The Board of Directors

Erika Barton joined the Board in 2015. Skiing Shames since it opened (that's 25 years!) Erika, originally from Prince Rupert, brings a great sense of history to the table. She is a people person with the good gift of communication to help inspire folks to participate in their co-op. As mother of two and a teacher she is a master juggler.

Dave Cater, MMC Corporate Liaison and Volunteer Director

Dave Cater has been a Board Member since 2013. As MMC Corporate Liaison, Dave is often out and about in the Northwest business communities selling our Get a Grip campaign, Tower signs and Best Friend packages. Dave, recently retired from being an elementary school teacher and now has even more time be an active member of our co-operative. As a dedicated skier and member of the Mountain Remo Backcountry Society, he is a great resource about our ski community. 


Lynn Kinney, MMC Director

Lynn has been a Board Member since 2014. In her first year on the Board, she has been using her skills as the Assistant Branch Manager of Northern Savings Credit Union to help advise our co-operative on investing our dollars, generally be as smart as possible with our banking and she is implementing our Snow Cat fundraising campaign. You can often find Lynn grinning ear to ear on the mountain!

Gary Maltin, MMC Director

Gary Maltin joined the Board in 2013. While his work as a project manager has taken him to Calgary, his heart lives in the Northwest. As our Board member abroad, Gary skypes/calls into meeting and brings a great sense of history to the co-operative as a former Founding Director of Friends of Shames. Gary is an avid adventure traveler and shares the joy and story of the co-operative at every mountain he visits.  

Meredith Skimson, Chair and Director of My Mountain Co-op

Meredith Skimson been a Board Member since 2011. As the Chair of the Board, Meredith holds the big picture. As teacher and mother of three young children, she has brought her communication and facilitation skills to the table. Meredith continues to work on bringing a strong governance to the co-op. Through collaborative efforts she creates tools, policies and plans to guide the growth of the co-operative.

Gordon Weary, MMC Director

Gordon Weary joined the Board in 2013. As an avid father of two young active kids and geology professor, Gord brings tons of energy, family perspective, and great knowledge regarding hydrology to our team. Gord has been working with Northwest Community College students on monitoring the water levels around the Shames Mountain Ski Area, so that he can collaborate with other visionaries to bring hydro-electricity to Shames Mountain.  With a passion for the outdoors, Gord  is also  a member of Search and Rescue and the Mountain Remo Backcountry Society.

Former Directors of MMC

Curtis Billey, CA, Founding DirectorShawn Dimitrov, former MMC Director Linda Parker former MMC DirectorJamie Hahn, Founding Director of MMCFrances Riley, former MMC DirectorShawn Stevenson, founding directorJohn Hopper, Founding Director

Officer of the Board

In the event that there is an open seat on the Board, an Officer of the Board can be appointed by the Board of Directors.  An officer of the Board takes on the role of a director for a period of one year or up until the next Board of Director election.

Gil Kurtz, Officer of the Board

Gil Kurtz is serving his second term as an Officer of the Board. Gil, as a paramedic and farmer, brings excellent perspective regarding safety to our team. Having recently been the Ski Patrol Director of MMC/Shames Mountain, he also contributes a good working knowledge of how Shames Mountain Operates and champions the safety of our skiing public and staff.